Mobile set for simultaneous transmission of up to 4 HDSDI/HDMI/CVBS signals

New generation of the VideoLink System is intended to be used both with HD and SD video cameras. It is installed on mobile television stations (MTS).

Used for making live reports from any venues including news, sports events, rallies, concerts etc.

Capable of simultaneous transmission of up to four HDSDI/HDMI/CVBS signals. A distinctive feature is MPEG4/AVC(MPEG-4 Part 10) compression.

The transmitter’s control is visual and intuitive. All information is displayed on the LCD including the channel number, channel frequency, SD or HD mode and the CVBS, SDI or HDMI input used. The range is up to 10-15 km. The set includes the transmitting unit and the receiving unit for 4 channels with a control monitor for all 4 channels.

Download the mobile video broadcasting set test report.

The mobile video broadcasting set test report.

Download Mobile complex video broadcast Presentations

Mobile complex video broadcast (MCVB) for the Emergency Situations Ministry units Presentation

Mobile complex video broadcast (MCVB) for the police units Presentation