About the Company

The history of the group of companies "Typhoon-Svyaz "(hereinafter referred to as “the company”) dated from creation of LLC " SKB "Typhoon-Svyaz" in 1996 by a group of highly qualified specialists in the area of development and production of various types of electronic equipment.

The great experience gained at leading high-technology enterprises, constant orientation on scientific and technical progress, concentration of forces at solution of actual tasks -all this allows the enterprise to be in good progress in severe competition.

The spreading of the company‘s spheres of interest has led to necessity of specialization of enterprises belonging to the group:

  • LLC Signum-S specializes in development and production of the telecommunication equipment (radio relay communication lines, reporting radio relay communication lines, equipment for digital systems intended for transmission of broadcasting signals, the mobile complex of video broadcasting), and also in consulting, organizational and legal aspects of mutual integration of "Radio Communication" and "Security" areas.
  • LLC “Typhoon – Svyaz – Montazh”-the main field of activity: design, construction, installation and maintenance of integrated security systems or their components (STS, ACS, SS) in governmental and municipal institutions, and at objects of enterprises with any form of ownership.

Telecommunication equipment

During the years of successful work we, in cooperation with partners, have developed and mastered the production and now produce a wide range of telecommunication equipment for transformation and transmission of broadcasting signals, as well as communication equipment. The geography of deliveries of our production covered all the territory of the Russian Federation, and also the CIS countries and other territories.  

More than 1,000 sets of our equipment are used by various TV and radio companies to do their job in broadcasting cultural, entertainment and information programs.

Modern digital radio relay complexes (RRCs) "Era – M", reporting radio relay systems "Era-M7", "Era-M8", signal conversion equipment with various interfaces, produced by our company, - all this is an effective tool for telecommunications specialists to solve both local and general tasks for networking.

Integrated Security Systems

On the 1-st of September, 2004, a group of terrorists seized school No.1 in Beslan (Republic of North Ossetia, the Russian Federation). As a result of the terrorist attack 334 people (including 186 children) were killed and more than 800 people were injured.

The management and the staff of the company, who have an experience in security projects, could not remain indifferent to the tragedy, that is why within the framework of the project "Safe city" and the Federal program for the safety of educational institutions, on the 22nd of November, 2005 our company held a presentation of the first comprehensive security system of educational institutions in Kaluga and Kaluga region.

The security system, created with the organizational and partly moneyed assistance of the "United Russia" political party, fully complies with the requirements of the Federal program for security of educational institutions and consists of a video surveillance, emergency, notification, and access supervision subsystems.

Subsequent activities of our company in this area are:

  • implementation of security systems of various configurations at the facilities of the Ministry of Education of the Kaluga region;
  • organization of security television systems (STS) at the facilities of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (Kaluga District Court of the Kaluga region);
  • implementation of security systems of various configurations (STS and ACS) at the facilities of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaluga region;
  • construction and updating of components of the integrated multi-service telecommunication system (regional fragments of integrated multi-service telecommunications network (IMTN)) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Kaluga and the Kaluga region - broadband access networks;
  • participation in updating of radio communication and data transmission networks at the facilities of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaluga region;
  • implementation of integrated security systems at commercial facilities.