24. The processor-remultiplexer having four 1Gbit IP inputs and eight ASI inputs

Main characteristic

  • The basic configuration supports encoding up to 100 subscribers. 
  • The processor generates 4 DVB-C RF carriers (an average of 6-10 TV programs on each). 
  • The range is 36-900 MHz with output to one F-connector. 
  • Remultiplexing of SD, HD, 3D input signals . 
  • Character rate selection from 2000 to 6900 to symbol/s. (via 1 ksimbol). 
  • Built-in player of video clips from the card-allows you to create your own infochannel or advertising channel with cyclic playback of clips. 
  • Two ASI outputs, the second ASI output is switchable and can be either closed by the conditional access system or not closed, which is necessary for channel monitoring or for cascade connection. 
  • IP output (five streams) can be used to transport the generated software package through the IP network, to ensure the possibility of control on the PC .
  • C DVB-1Gb IP/8ASI-4rf Basic


The processor is a multifunctional device for digital television broadcasting over cable networks. Solves most of the technical problems faced by the cable operator in the formation of the head station.

Processor generates in the group spectrum up to 4 packages of programs in DVB - C format ( in the range of 36-900 MHz range of frequencies broadcast in the cable network) with an output of 1 RF connector.

  • It is possible to use the Processor in conjunction with analog cable network equipment with simultaneous broadcasting of both analog and digital signals in the same network.
  • The processor supports both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) channels, i.e. 1920x1080p high resolution (H. 264 standard ).
  • The processor provides installation of the option of the budget conditional access system DVCrypt with the number of subscribers up to 98 thousand.
  • DVB-C (SD or HD) digital cable TV receivers are used as subscriber receivers, providing DVCrypt support, in the case of conditional access system, as well as standard receivers and TVs with CI interface with inexpensive SELF-modules.
  • Provides support for EPG, OTA ,LCN services
  • Has IP input and IP output to transport one of the packets to the IP network, or the ability to control one packet selected from the input or input streams on the PC.
  • Supplied as-is, the free DvCryptTsMonitor program allows you to use the processor as a stream analyzer, allowing you to record a stream using the Processor's IP output to a file, as well as view the presence of errors in the stream. If it is necessary to modify this program for specific requirements the necessary materials are provided.

One processor allows you to organize a small TV cable network for about 30 programs, replacing 4 remultiplexers, 4 Scramblers, 4 DVB-C Modulators, 4 UP-Converter and, in addition, allows you to organize a system of channel monitoring on a PC (and stream analysis!)

Main function

  • Remultiplexing of 9 digital input streams-generation of 1 to 4 software packages, depending on the configuration.
  • Support dvcrypt conditional access System.
  • EPG, OTA, LCN, "network search" function, with the ability to manually edit the NIT table, with the ability to support the network search for third-party products.
  • Possibility of automatic and manual pid setting.
  • Indication of 8 ASI inputs on each of the 8 inputs and OVERFLOW on each of the Remux.
  • Regulation of symbol speed and RF signal level at the output.
  • The ability to quickly replace the device in the system without rescanning the stream.
  • The interface of connection to PC Ethernet 100 T-base.
  • Select the type of modulation 32/64/128/256 QAM
  • IP output / input: Supported protocols RTP, UDP, RTP+, which provides the ability to deliver the generated software package over Ethernet to the equipment of IP television broadcasting.
  • IP output enables visual control of the input and output streams of the Processor, using the free analyzer program DvCryptTsMonitor.
  • IP output allows you to record ASI stream to PC for further analysis.
  • It is possible to update the hardware SOFTWARE remotely.
  • Supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4/AVC, HD/SD and 3D broadcasting.
  • The user has the ability to set the frequencies of the RF output signals with precision determined by the digital synthesizer.
  • The processor, using the DVB_Setting configuration program included in DVCrypt, allows you to include the required number of spectra.
  • It is possible to set a group of 1, 2 or 4 spectra (options) in the range from 36 to 900 MHz.