26. The transcoder is re-multiplexer from MPEG2 format to MPEG4 format

Main characteristic

  • In addition to transcoding, the device provides encoding to Mpeg2/Mpeg4 formats.
  • The multifunctional device is designed to solve various tasks.
  • The device has 1 ASI input, 1 ASI output and 1 IP output.

Features and capabilities

  1. Remultiplexer: you can select any channels from the input ASI stream and form a new output ASI stream. One of the selected channels can be converted and also added to the output stream. The generated stream can be issued to the IP output for control or delivery over computer networks to consumers.
  2. Transcoder: One of the input channels can be transcoded from MPEG4 to MPEG2 or from MPEG2 to MPEG4.
  3. Adaptation of the signal for broadcasting to mobile devices. When transcoding, it is possible to change the bitrate and change the size of the picture (window).


This product combines 2 functions-an MPEG4/MPEG2 encoder with HDMI,SDI, CVBS inputs, and a transcoder 1 program in the transport stream.

The choice of one of the 2 functions is carried out by a simple switch in the control program, which can be done by the user himself.

Encoder-transcoder is designed to encode (transcode) one program selected by the user. Transcoding (encoding) can be carried out both from MPEG2 to MPEG4/AVC and from MPEG4/AVC to MPEG2.

The peculiarity of the encoder (transcoder) is the ability to receive at the output of ASI and IP streams consisting of 2 channels, transcoded (encoded) program. One channel with HD or SD resolution and the other with low resolution 320x240 or 320x180. This allows you to simultaneously use the second channel to broadcast to mobile devices or the Internet.

Basic functionality

  • Transcoding 1 program in the transport stream.
  • Transcoding — encoding) - MPEG2 to MPEG4/AVC and MPEG4/AVC to MPEG2.
  • Configurable ASI and IP outputs.
  • Possibility of transcoding with the exception of the transcoded program from the stream.
  • Ability to use 2-channel and single-channel ASI and IP stream.
  • Ability to change the resolution of the picture in the main stream from HD to the resolution used in mobile devices.
  • Option to select "Channel 1", "Channel 2", "Multiplex" mode for each ASI and IP outputs.
  • Support for conditional access system DVCrypt CAS 2000/10000/100000 subscribers (for transcoder).
  • OTA,EPG options.
  • Management Ethernet 100 Mbit/sec.
  • IP output - support UDP, RTP protocols.