About equipment selection

Presentation "Telecommunication Equipment"

What you should seek for, or some information about "copy-book maxims".

It is well known that the image of any enterprise related to the media, to a large extent depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the "team" work, the reliability and quality of the transmitted information.

An image of a TV and radio company (TRK) is formed not only by organizational events and a "creative" approach to work. Many things depend on the technical equipping - the equipment for transmission of television and radio content, first from the scene to the Studio (reportage Radio Relay Systems - RRS), and then to the transmission centers.

It is not a secret that the “prime tool” for transmission of a TV and radio signal is a radio relay line.

How should you choose telecommunications equipment?

The well-known classic of Marxism-Leninism theory would call the choice of equipment for the conversion and transmission of audio and video signals: " ... an extremely important task!" The choice is usually determined by several conditions:

  • functionality of the equipment – the possibility to transmit the required information traffic (a certain number of television or radio programs), as well as data transmission with required quality.
  • reliability of the equipment (MTBF)  – the actual maximum operating time of the equipment without failures.
  • maintainability of the equipment - the ability to quickly and cost-effectively recover the equipment from an error.
  • possibility of modernization – to solve new tasks that inevitably arise before the staff of the developing TV and radio company.
  • and finally, the equipment must be simple and easy to install and maintain.

Choice of a supplier: Why is it only this company- producer and only this  modification of the radio-relay system?

The choice of a supplier (seller) of the equipment is often crucial for the consumer. Any consumer wants so that the cost/functionality/reliability ratio of the purchased equipment is optimal, i.e. the equipment must have the best quality at the lowest price.

In this case, full information about the supplier (seller) of the equipment, as a rule, is subject to evaluation

  • life of the supplier in the market of the radio relay equipment;
  • quality and reliability of the produced equipment, availability of quality management system at the enterprise-manufacturer;
  • service work on guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance;
  • individual approach to a client - the ability of the supplier to solve an engineering  problem (often non-standard) facing a particular customer;
  • constant work on updating of the produced equipment;
  • consulting assistance by the supplier's specialists during preparation of documents for the purchase of RRS.