Equipment Selection

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Integrated Security Systems PRESENTATION

A permanent growth of consumer requirements for electronic components and systems is a driver of intense development and upgrading efforts by product manufacturers.

Every three years, the performance capabilities of radio electronic devices increase threefold. 

Things, which seemed science fiction quite recently, become reality. Thus, it is no use recommending or advising a selection of equipment in this situation.

One should either check out the latest technological innovations offered by Russian and foreign industry, which requires a relevant level of education, or use consultancy services provided by specialists. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the legal aspect when creating security systems, i.e. the equipment installed, the installation procedures and the output should comply with the regulatory legal and technical acts adopted under the laws in force.

Responsible manufacturers and suppliers always certify their products in due time while law-abiding installers of security systems comply with the national standards (GOST, OST), regulatory documents, recommendations and rules (RD, R, P etc.) issued by competent federal and regional authorities.