Closed-Circuit Television Systems

Closed-Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

Our specialists have a wide experience in construction of closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) of different types and configurations.

We create closed-circuit television systems of any complexity level for the following facilities:

  • state executive, judicial and prosecution authorities and institutions;
  • production facilities with different forms of property;
  • retail facilities, public amenities and special service facilities;
  • residential districts and gated communities.

We offer the following closed-circuit television systems for small private facilities:

  • Closed-circuit television system for a non-residential building (or a residential house);
  • Closed-circuit television system for an office building, part of a building, a floor or a group of premises;
  • Closed-circuit television system for a store, car parking, storage areas and storage facilities.

We cooperate with big suppliers of equipment for security systems: Layta Trading House, Tinko Trading House and Abron Trading House.

We are an official partner of a Russian CCTV software developer  ITV/AxxonSoft (Moscow).

We offer a wide range of services:

  • On-site visit of our specialists to the customer’s facilities;
  • Free assistance to our customers in preparing terms of reference for design and installation of CCTV systems;
  • Design of a CCTV system (development of design specifications and estimates);
  • Delivery of equipment;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Warranty and post-warranty services.

We repair and upgrade existing closed-circuit television systems with any configuration and any types of equipment installed.

We cooperate with key CCTV equipment suppliers and can make available counterparts of any faulty main system elements (video server, video recorder or remote workplace) for temporary use.

Our specialists can help you organize remote monitoring of your facility by using your CCTV system to enable you to control the facility online or to watch archived records while at home or on a business trip.

Among the hundreds of closed-circuit television systems we have built during the years of our successful work there are:

  • CCTV systems with a common control and monitoring interface in a single centre which are integrated with comprehensive security systems of facilities and located in different settlements of Kaluga Region;
  • Hybrid CCTV systems including more than 60 analogue and IP video cameras with several remote workplaces featuring strictly separated user authorities (each operator controls only those cameras which he/she has access to);
  • CCTV systems with specific functions.

Our specialists will design a system to meet all your requirements!