Modernization of the equipment


Currently, the process of transition of TV and radio broadcasting in the Russian Federation to the European DVB-t standard has significantly intensified.

It was initiated by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 25, 2004 No. 706-p "To recognize the implementation of the European system of digital television broadcasting DVB in the Russian Federation reasonable " and "The Concept of development of the communication services market in the field of radio broadcasting in the Russian Federation for the period of up to 2010 and the perspective till 2015".  

Carrying-out of the Federal special program for the development of networks of distribution of radio and TV programs means the creation and build-up of terrestrial digital broadcast network; it is the formation of multiservice communication services, including interactive digital networks of radio and television broadcasting.

Consequently, the analogue radio relay lines, currently used by TV and radio companies to deliver television and radio programs, are a thing of the past.  To transmit programs in digital format, it is necessary either to purchase a new digital radio relay station or to upgrade the existing line.    

Modernization of the existing equipment is easier and less expensive way than purchasing of  new equipment, because it is not required to obtain permits in the bodies of the SCRF and GRFC.  Our company LLC SKB "Typhoon-Svyaz" offers the modernization of almost all existing analog radio relay stations ("Era-13", "Era-13M ""Kurs", "Complex", "Erikom", etc.) to all potential customers.

We offer two options for "digitizing" the RRS.

The result of the first option will be an increased number (up to eight) of TV programs transmitted in one simplex radio relay channel, it will improve the quality of the signal at the output of the RRS, and digital output will appear in addition to analogue one. To interface with existing analog TV transmitters, you can use the analog output of RRS, and to work with digital transmitters, it is enough to get the signal from the digital output of RRS.

As a result of the implementation of the second option, the RRS becomes a "universal transport" for multiplexed digital bitstream (ASI) transmission.

Organizational and technical issues of development of your enterprises (expansion of the broadcasting network, increase in the number of broadcast television and radio programs) are associated with considerable expenses of money and time.  

The existing licensing procedure for the design of a new radio relay line is long and complicated (coordination and receipt of radio frequencies, resolving issues of electromagnetic compatibility, designing a radio relay route, obtaining a permit for the purchase of electronic means, etc.). In addition, in some areas, the radio frequency resource of some bands is exhausted and obtaining new frequencies for the radio relay line is simply impossible.

Modernization of the existing equipment, its transfer to the category of digital one, solves the problems of transition to the European standard of broadcasting DVB-T already now.

The choice of options for upgrading your existing radio relay equipment will depend on the specific task. Specialists of our company, together with you, will choose the most suitable way to solve the task.