CHANNEL 1 received three sets of radio relay reporting equipment

The main TV channel of the Russian Federation - "1 CHANNEL" (Moscow) in the person of the TV Technical Center in Ostankino received three sets of reportage radio relay equipment of our production-LLC "Typhoon Svyaz MONTAZH" (Kaluga).

This innovative equipment of Russian production compares favorably with the previously used and operated by the Telecenter with its special consumer qualities:

1.    The ability to transmit digital TV signals in SD, HD, FULL HD and 4K (ULTRA HD);
2.    High mobility-hardware blocks are installed in plastic shock-resistant cases with carrying handles, and the receiving and transmitting blocks can be installed on standard transported tripods;
3.    High reliability-the antennas of the receiving and transmitting units are protected by special screens from damage;
4.    All connecting cables are placed on easy-to-carry and transport coils.
5.    The modular design allows quick adaptation of the equipment to any TV company's tasks.\

Our television has taken another step in its development.