14. ASI output module for connection to digital receiver

Main characteristic

  • The ASI output module / Board is designed for household DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T receivers for self-installation in the receiver housing. 
  • This is a budget option to replace a professional receiver with ASI output. 
  • Depending on the connection point, this stream can be descrambled for the channel that is opened by the corresponding card. 
  • There are two parallel ASI outputs (BNC) on the Board. 
  • Power supply 7-15V from the receiver circuit.


The use and installation of ASI Out modules expands the capabilities of different receivers, including household SET-TOP-BOX.

The proposed solution is suitable for professionals, who are among the majority of cable operators, and allows you to very economically solve the problem of obtaining ASI stream for broadcasting to a digital television network. Moreover, practice shows that the installation of modules is possible in 80% of the models presented in our market receivers DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-C.

This option is especially advantageous for cases when only one program and/or all FTA channels in the stream need to be received from each transponder.

The idea of the rework is that most receivers have a transport stream at the output of the demodulator, and at the output of the CI interface this stream, in addition, is descrambled.

By connecting a parallel or serial stream Converter to this point in ASI and IP you get a device with features that can only be implemented by devices of a different price range.