16. Uncompressed audio to IP/ASI Converter

Main characteristic

  • Transmission of uncompressed audio over ASI / IP.
  • Receiver and transmitter included. 
  • Stereo sound, balanced. 
  • The sampling rate is 48 KHz. 
  • The bit width quantization is 24 bits. 
  • The input level is 0 dB. 
  • The output level is 0 dB. 
  • Limits of adjustment of sound level - 12/+9.5 dB. 
  • The s/W ratio is 67 dB. 
  • They are the 0.025%. 
  • The transfer rate is 2.5 Mbit / sec. 
  • Management-on Ethernet 100. 
  • Transport protocols-UDP, RTP.


The Converter is designed to be used as a high-quality version of the audio signal transmission in uncompressed form with a small time delay. It can be used to transmit over ASI or Ethernet between studios or to a radio station, or to transmit over RRL.

The audio analog signal is fed to the Converter, where it is digitized and without compression in PCM format is converted into an ASI or IP stream. On the receiving side, the Converter receives an ASI or IP stream, where an audio signal is emitted from it.

Structurally, the product consists of two modules - receiving and transmitting, which are placed in the same small-sized cases with external power supplies.

IPAudioControl is used to control modules.exe, which allows you to switch transmission modes-IP/ASI and adjust the level of the audio signal.

You can transmit and receive one stereo pair or 2 mono channels.

Modules can work in Unicast and Multicast modes.