On-camera RRL in the range of 2,4-2,48 GHz for HD/SD signal transmission


The radio relay line provides an opportunity to save the camera from the cable when working with a mobile television station, when organizing operational broadcasts: news, sports, concerts, rallies, the implementation of which by conventional technologies is associated with certain difficulties.

The system provides reliable signal transmission at a distance of up to 200-300 meters in indoor and heavy conditions and up to 1500m in open areas.

The transmitter module is installed directly on the camera, for which it has a corresponding standard mount. The mount located on the outside of the module allows you to install a battery on it, which feeds both the camera and the module itself.

The inputs are a PAL composite video signal and a stereo audio signal or SDI input with embedded or analog stereo sound.

The transmitting module includes an MPEG2 encoder (ISO/IEC 13818), a digital COFDM modulator of DVB-T standard (ETS300744) and a high-frequency transmitter in the 2.4-2.48 GHz operating range.

Reception of signals is carried out by a specialized DVB-T receiver with two active antennas (Diversity - method of diversity reception).

Completeness of delivery

  • Camera unit with HD SDI input
  • Anton Bauer or V-Lock mounting pads (determined when ordering)
  • Receiver with HD SDI and HDMI output
  • Two non-directional active receiving antennas with 2-meter high racks
  • Antenna and connection cables