Telecommunication Equipment

О выборе оборудования
About equipment selection
An image of a TV and radio company (TRK) is formed not only by organizational events and a "creative" approach to work. Many things depend on the technical equipping - the equipment for transmission of television and radio content, first from the scene to the Studio (reportage Radio Relay Systems - RRS), and then to the transmission centers.
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Передвижные телевизионные радиорелейные комплексы
Mobile television radio relay systems
Mobile (stationary) television radio relay stations ERA M-7R and ERA M-8R operate (in accordance with the Decision of State Commission on Radio Frequencies (SCRF) No. 09-03-07 of 28.04.09) in frequency bands 7.15-7.75 GHz (ERA M-7R) and 8.4-8.7 GHz (ERA M-8R) and are intended to transmit and receive one (ULTRA HD) or several (SD, HD, FULL HD) television signals in simplex or duplex mode in digital form with transmission rates of up to 34.368 Mbit/s in DVB Standard.
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Радиорелейные системы связи ЭРА М
Stationary Radio Relay Systems
LLC “Typhoon Svyaz Montazh” (group of companies “Typhoon Svyaz”) offers modern radio relay systems (RRS) "ERA-M" to potential consumers. Our equipment is universal, it is designed for digital transmission of any information and it allows a consumer to work with any formats of input and output signals.
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Радиорелейные системы связи ЭРА С
Радиорелейные системы связи ЭРА С
Цифровые радиорелейные системы связи  «ЭРА С» могут обеспечить решение большого круга задач при передаче в цифровом формате любой информации и дают возможность потребителю работать с любыми  входными и выходными сигналами
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Оборудование цифровых систем передачи телевизионного и звукового вещания
Equipment of digital transmission systems of television and sound broadcasting
TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION for digital transmission systems of television and audio broadcasting, the use of which is possible as part of the radio relay system Era M, and in various configurations of Studio equipment of TV and radio companies.
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Сети связи широкополосного доступа
Broadband communication networks
A large number of satellite terminals providing communication with remote objects, as well as radio communication equipment are used in interconnected communication networks of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Kaluga region and other state (commercial) organizations. For many years, we provide comprehensive maintenance of all equipment included in these communication networks.
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Мобильный комплект для передачи до 4-х сигналов HDSDI/HDMI/CVBS одновременно
Mobile set for simultaneous transmission of up to 4 HDSDI/HDMI/CVBS signals
New generation of the VideoLink System is intended to be used both with HD and SD video cameras. It is installed on mobile television stations (MTS). Used for making live reports from any venues including news, sports events, rallies, concerts etc.
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Накамерная РРЛ в диапазоне 746-834 МГц для передачи HD/SD сигнала
On-camera RRL in the range of 746-834 MHz for HD/SD signal transmission
On-camera RRL with HDSDI and HDMI input and mounting pads for professional cameras. A new generation of VideoLink system designed for use with both HD and SD video cameras to conduct live operational reports from the scene of events such as: news, sports competitions, rallies, concerts, etc. a Distinctive feature is the use of a new encoder MPEG4/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10).
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Накамерная РРЛ в диапазоне 2,4 -2,48 ГГц для передачи HD/SD сигнала
On-camera RRL in the range of 2,4-2,48 GHz for HD/SD signal transmission
The system provides reliable signal transmission at a distance of up to 200-300 meters in indoor and heavy conditions and up to 1500m in open areas. The transmitter module is installed directly on the camera, for which it has a corresponding standard mount. The mount located on the outside of the module allows you to install a battery on it, which feeds both the camera and the module itself.
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