On-camera RRL in the range of 746-834 MHz for HD/SD signal transmission


On-camera RRL with HDSDI and HDMI input and mounting pads for professional cameras.

Wireless transmission of signals at a range of up to 800 meters in open space and up to 500 meters in urban areas and premises. In the application of the signal booster's range is increased to 10-15 km.

A new generation of VideoLink system designed for use with both HD and SD video cameras to conduct live operational reports from the scene of events such as: news, sports competitions, rallies, concerts, etc. a Distinctive feature is the use of a new encoder MPEG4/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10). This allows HD and SD signals to be transmitted.

  • Two switchable operation modes of 6 or 12 MB / Sec.
  • Transmitter control-visually and intuitively clear. The operator can select one of 12 preset channels in the range 746-834 MHz.
  • Input: HD-SDI / SD-SDI
  • Audio input-embedded to SDI or HDMI

Completeness of delivery:

  1. Camera unit with HDSDI input.
  2. Anton Bauer or V-Lock mounting pads (determined when ordering!).
  3. Receiver with HDSDI and HDMI output.
  4. Two non-directional active receiving antennas with 2-meter-high racks.
  5. Antenna and connection cables