Broadband communication networks

In the period from mid-2008 to November 2008, our company (LLC "Typhoon Communications Installation") participated in the design process of broadband access network (broadband) in Kaluga and the surrounding areas by order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The head designer and the main supplier of the equipment for the specified communication network was the Moscow company "Information industry" with which, in November, 2008 we signed the contract for production of installation and commissioning works.

In the spring of 2009, the broadband network, built by us on digital equipment Tsunami MP.11 5054-R (manufactured by PROXIM, USA), was commissioned and since then its potential has been constantly increasing in quantitative and qualitative categories.  Currently, a large number of UMVD facilities in the Kaluga region are connected to the network, and the trend towards its expansion continues. 

After the successful development of a new (for us) type of activity, we actively promoted the use of broadband equipment in other programs for the construction of public security systems.

We offered our innovative "wireless" solutions based on the latest equipment, licensed production of which was created in the Russian Federation, in the partner projects "Safe city Kaluga", "Safe city Obninsk".

Such decisions have resulted in large budget savings. The continuation of the theme for us was a number of projects "Safe city" in the district centers of the Kaluga region with the use of broadband equipment, as well as the use of this equipment in the construction of security systems at the facilities of the Federal state unitary enterprise RTRS in the Kaluga region.

A large number of satellite terminals providing communication with remote objects, as well as radio communication equipment are used in interconnected communication networks of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Kaluga region and other state (commercial) organizations. For many years, we provide comprehensive maintenance of all equipment included in these communication networks.